Monday, October 29, 2012

Give Kai a Try

As far as tools go, there's hardly a more important or more utilized one in a sewing studio than the scissor. Although there is the occasional exception of a person struggling by with a cheap and nasty pair, most sewists employ at least one, if not a dozen, "good" pairs of scissors. Whether you're a gear-head, who simply must have a specialty tool for each and every task, you're lazy, wanting everything to be just that much easier, or you find that you can actually accomplish a higher quality of work with significantly less effort, you want the best tool for the job. The best way to find the tool that works best for you is to give some a try.

Here in the classroom, we're busily "taste-testing" Kai's 10" Professional dressmakers' shears, 9" bent handle shears, pinkers and 4" scissors. Now, I must say, I've historically been pretty apathetic in my relationship with my scissors. Sure, I buy an adequate-quality brand, keep them sharpened and clean, don't cut non-fabric objects with them and am careful around pins and needles, but it's certainly not love. When I met Kai's 10" Professional Shears, I realized I'd just been killing time with interim I've found my scissor soul-mate. The weight and balance are divine and nothing beats the zen like slice of those carbon steel blades. The 9" bent-handle shear is a nice ergonomic option, too. They have all the stability and sharpness of a pair of Ginghers, but with a shape that makes cutting on a flat surface a lot less awkward, as well as a soft handle. They have a lower price tag than the 7000 Series, but they're still nothing you'd want in the hands of a scrap-booking spouse or blister-package-opening teenager.
Kai makes a whole bunch of scissors, all of which seem pretty great so far, so we've decided to make them a scissor of choice at the Schoolhouse. Please feel free to drop by for a test-drive yourself!

On Friday, November 9th, we'll be placing an order to Kai.

Below is a list of the models we'll have a couple of on hand, as well as the ones you can special-order.
Carry in Stock
4" needlecraft
4" curved
9" bent handle 5000 series shears
8" pinkers
loop snips
squeeze snips

Special Order
8", 9", 10", 11" and 12" 7000 series professional dressmaker shears
10" 7000 series professional dressmaker shears LEFTY
10" 7000 series professional serrated
4" bent handle
4" blunt tip
5" and 5.5" embroidery
5" and 5.5" curved embroidery
6" rag quilt
6" patchwork
6.5", 8", 8.5", 9", 10", and 11"  5000 series shears
8" and 8.5" 5000 series shears LEFTY

Pre-order 2 or more (any models from either list) and get an in-store discount. Follow this link to place your order and get your scissors in time for holiday gifting, winter sewing, and the Wool Retreat!

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